Divergence Watchlist 12/04/2017

Divergence Watchlist 12/04/2017: WTW, INTC, DATA, EBAY, KMI

WTW Chart 120317
Weight Watchers (WTW) has stochastic divergence at the breakout point of a falling wedge in a box consolidation.
Buy: 44.29
Target: 46.24 – 49.38 (4.40% – 11.49%)
INTC Chart 120317
Intel (INTC) has stochastic divergence on trend line support – bull flag
Buy: 45.30
Target: 46.39 – 48.16 (2.41% – 6.31%)
DATA Chart 120317
Tableau Software (DATA) has stochastic divergence on trend line support.
Buy: 71.66
Target: 73.70 – 76.99 (2.85% – 7.44%)
EBAY Chart 120317
eBay (EBAY) has stochastic divergence on trend line support.
Look for it to make a move back into the rising channel.
Buy: 35.21
Target: 35.99 – 37.24 (2.22% – 5.77%)
KMI Chart 120317
Kinder Morgan (KMI) has divergence on trend line support of a parallel channel.
Buy: 17.43
Target: 17.89 – 18.64 (2.64% – 6.94%)

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