Divergence Watchlist – 11/20/2017

When the market closed on Friday I only had one thing on my mind.  Getting ready for the market to reopen on Monday morning.

When I am not fully prepared, I force trades.  There are too many great opportunities in this market to force trades – you just have to find them.

A clear plan that you stick to helps you cut losers quick, let winners run, and avoid bad trades.

I find that the more I study, the more correct decisions I make.

Divergence Watchlist 11/20/2017: AMD, DISCK, BMRN, ADM, BIDU, WHR

AMD Chart 111917
Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) 1.16% has reacted really well to stochastic oscillators inside this almost year long pattern.
We have a fast and slow stochastic that are both oversold and the fast is gaining momentum to the upside.
Multiple time frames are looking bullish and now is the time to get a nice move.
Buy: 11.53
Target: 12.07 – 12.95 (4.67% – 12.33%)
DISCK Chart 111917
Discovery Communication (DISCK) has a coiled up stochastic with divergence and has good price support at this level.
There are two setups here, one for the Daily time frame and one for the 15 Minute.
Daily – Divergence Setup
Buy: 16.50
Target: 17.18 – 18.53 (4.12% – 12.30%)
15 Minute – Bull Flag Setup
Buy: 16.50
Target: 17.18 – 17.60 (4.12% – 6.67%)
BMRN Chart 111917
BioMarin Pharmaceutical (BMRN) is in a huge triangle pattern with double bottom stochastic divergence on trend line support. I highlighted recent divergences and you can see the kind of move this stock makes off of the signal. Be patient, and get in on the way up.
Buy: 84.23
Target: 86.49 – 90.14 (2.69 – 7.02%)
ADM Chart 111917
Archer-Daniels-Midland (ADM) has stochastic divergence on trend line support. There is a gap to fill above the target zone that could lead to an extra 2.5%
Buy: 39.65
Target: 40.31 – 41.37 (1.68% – 4.35%)
BIDU Chart 111917
Baidu (BIDU) has stochastic divergence on channel line support.
Buy: 240.75
Target: 250.49 – 256.27 (4.05% – 6.45%)
Stop: 237.56 (-1.33%)
WHR Chart 111917
Whirlpool (WHR) has stochastic divergence on channel line support with a gap above.
Buy: 166.34
Target: 171.00 – 178.53 (2.79% – 7.33%)

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