Divergence Watchlist – 10/08/2017

This week is setting up to be another great week in the markets.

I haven’t been around much this last week, but I am working on something big! As promised there is a stock tracker page coming soon that will track gains and win percentage (September was 200% gain and 80% win). Also, I’m working on some educational material so anyone can find, identify, and profitably trade stochastic divergences.

Congratulations to everyone in the email list that got in on Biogen (BIIB).

If you click a chart it will take you to the live version. Now, on to the watchlist.

Divergence Watchlist 10/08/2017: COH, ETSY, GILD, GIS, K, KT, KHC

COH Divergnce Chart 100817
Coach (COH): Stochastic divergence at the breakout point of a falling wedge. On a 2 year old trend line support of a parallel channel.
Buy: 40.00
Stop: 38.70 (or trend line support)
Target: 42.58 – 45.83 (6.45% – 14.58%) 
ETSY Divergence Chart 100817

Etsy (ETSY): Stochastic divergence in a channel. I’m playing this one a little conservatively as it looks to be forming a rising wedge . There is still room to move up, but keep an eye on any reversal signals after you enter the trade. I’m confident in the move up and really like the reversal candle on 10/5 right on the trend line .
Buy: 17.00
Stop: 16.70
Target: 17.50 – 18.50
GIS Divergence Chart 100717
General Mills (GIS): Has moved down a parallel channel to trend line support. The stochastic divergence is signaling a move back up that should happen at the end of this consolidation period.
Buy: 52.00
Stop: 51.00 ( Trend Line )
Target: 53.22 – 54.97 (2.35% – 5.71%)
K Divergence Chart 100817
Kellogg (K): Stochastic divergence in a falling channel. Looking for the bounce and possible move up out of the channel.
Buy: 63.25
Stop: 62.30
Target: 64.57 – 66.98 (2.08% – 5.90%)
KT Divergence Chart 100817
KT Corp (KT): Stochastic divergence nearing the breakout point of a falling wedge .
Buy: 14.25
Stop: 13.90
Target: 15.74 – 16.92
KHC Divergence Chart 100817
Kraft Heinz (KHC): Posted this one at the end of last week. Not the ideal divergence, but divergence nonetheless and is at the breakout point of a falling wedge . Wait for it to retake TL and move up before getting in. could go sideways a bit.
Buy: 79.00
Stop: 76.75
Target: 83.30 – 87.34 (5.44% – 10.56%)

Recap of Last Week’s Watchlist

  • STX: Made a quick move up and triggered the buy signal.  Then it moved sideways. Look for another move up this week.
  • DISH: Fast start to the week and it tailed off, falling back to the buy trigger.  The bounce typically comes before a big move.
  • GRUB: Triggered the buy signal and hit the target the next day. Great trade. If you’re still holding, it should be moving back up within the ascending triangle, no worries.
  • VEEV: 5 green days last week. A little overbought and may retrace some, but it looks good.
  • MSI: Gained 5.55% for the week and moved right to the top of the target zone.
  • NUAN: Up on the week, moving sideways. Not a fast mover, should continue on up.

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