Divergence Watchlist – 09/24/2017

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Last week in the list, we entered positions in Dunkin’ Brands (DNKN), Navient (NAVI), and DexCom (DXCM).  We took profits on both DNKN and NAVI.  DXCM is a swing trade that is still live.  You can get the chart by subscribing to the email list.

Also, we were very profitable in our position on Snap (SNAP).  You can review the position SNAP Short Position Setup and keep a look out because there is more downside to come.

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Divergence Watchlist 09/24/2017: CTL, MO, LOGM, SYF

CTL Divergence Chart 092417
CenturyLink (CTL): This is sitting on a 3.5 year old trend line, at the breakout point of a falling wedge, with stochastic divergence.
MO Divergence Chart 092417
Altria Group (MO): Sitting on a lower trend line from 2008. Stochastic divergence on both the 9,3 and the 14,3.
LOGM Divergence Chart 092417
LogMeIn (LOGM): At the breakout point of a triangle pattern with stochastic divergence.
SYF Divergence Chart 092417
Synchrony Financial (SYF): Is on support line of a triangle, there is stochastic divergence with a gap to fill above.

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Recap of Last Week’s Watchlist

Last week we had a great week of trading.

  • AMD: +4.15%
  • NOC: +5.44%
  • WWE: +0.49% flat week, gearing up for a big breakout
  • CMG: +0.13% fell, but regained by the end of the week.  Still looks good.
  • SCSS: +1.47% looking good, but lowering expectation a bit since there might be room to move down the wedge before breakout

Check out last week’s Divergence Watchlist or the first SNAP Chart Review.

We also had profitable positions in DNKN and NAVI – charts available only to email subscribers.

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