Divergence Scans 09/21/2017

Ran some scans tonight and found a few good ones.

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CTL Divergence Chart 092117
CenturyLink (CTL): Falling wedge with double bottom divergence. Will likely fall to the lower trend line (below 17.00), but looking for a quick pop first.

CIEN Divergence Chart 092117
Ciena (CIEN): The monthly chart on the left is showing a 6 year old ascending triangle – a bullish pattern. The daily chart (on the right) is showing stochastic divergence and it is nearing the end of the pattern. Divergences here are a catalyst for big moves and breakouts – see AMD.  The last daily divergence on 7/6/16 led to a 15%+ gain.  There is also a gap to fill above.

HAS Divergence Chart 092117
Hasboro (HAS): Stochastic divergence, in a downward channel, on support line.

VAC Divergence Chart 092117
Marriott (VAC): Strong divergence breaking out of a triangle. It’s the second divergence and there is room to run. See the BABA chart for a similar divergence from 8/4/17 – 8/14/17.

G Divergence Chart 092117
Genpact (G): Coiled and on a lower trend line.

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Here are a few more that came up on scans. Check them out. Let me know what you think.

HRB – Divergence with a gap to fill

CLX – Big red candle sets up a potential divergence, if it turns back up

DISH – falling wedge

WTW – strong, on trend line, and Oprah is an owner.


LVLT Divergence Chart 092117
Level 3 Communications (LVLT): falling wedge with double bottom divergence. One of my favorite setups. However, I could see the bottom falling out here and it hitting the trend line around 51.00.

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